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Automotive Ignition Systems Market: Global Research,Taxonomy,Outlook,Trends and Forecast by 2026

Automotive Ignition Systems Market: Global Research,Taxonomy,Outlook,Trends and Forecast by 2026

Global Automotive Ignition Systems Market was valued at US$ 5.53Bn 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 11.58Bn by 2026, at a CAGR of 9.67% during a forecast period.An Automotive mechanism generates a spark or heats for conductor to a heat to ignite a fuel-air mixture in spark ignition burning engines, fuelled and gas-fired boilers, rocket engines, etc. The widest application for spark ignition burning engines is in fuel (gasoline) road vehicles: cars and motorcycles.

Major driving factors of the automotive Ignition systems market are the changing technology and upgradation into the systems. The global automotive industry has witnessed a satisfactory growth, especially in the case of emerging economies. Growing urbanization, a rise in per capita income and standard of living in these countries are contributing to the growth of the automotive industry. Ignition systems provide extremely accurate spark timings, leading to improved combustion and emissions control. New technology advances in the high energy and long, programmable spark durations are a considerable advantage since they provide better ignition of lean or non-homogenous air/fuel mixtures. Shifting Focus towards Electric Vehicles will act as major restraint to the Ignition systems market.

Based on the Ignition Type, Compression ignition is expected to hold the largest share in the market during the forecast period. Compression ignition is growing more commonly and also largely used in power generators as well as mobile drives and mechanical engines. The use of compression ignition acts as a backup and primary power source for much of the modern world. Public transit services like buses and some city trains use diesel to power their engines as well, resulting in long-term fuel economy and less waste. Many cities and automobile manufacturers have begun switching to eco Ignition systems to further reduce energy waste and fuel consumption.

In Trends – Triple Spark Technology

The most recent advancement in the field of Ignition system is the Triple Spark Technology, hitch sets a new benchmark in terms of performance, Efficiency, etc. for the new vehicle models. New vehicle productions has been pioneering in the field of Ignition Systems with the DTS-i technology launched in new era. The new vehicles series takes use of Triple Spark Technology with a SOHC 4-valve Triple Spark Engine controlled by an advanced Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for a greater performance, which is supported by a six speed gear box and a liquid cooling.

In terms of region, Asia Pacific is expected to hold the largest share in the market during the forecast period for Automotive Ignition Systems. Asia Pacific is projected to lead global growth through 2025, driven by vehicle production and sales in the region with an increase in revenue of 30%, though different countries will have different drivers. Environmental awareness in India and China through economic transformation in Asia are also creating the market opportunity in Asia. North America is also projected to grow at global through the forecasted period, driven by automotive technology advancements and key player’s dominance in the region with an increase in revenue though different parameters will have different drivers.

The Automotive Ignition Systems report includes a study of Porter’s Five Forces model to analyse the different factors affecting the growth of the market. Moreover, the study also covers a market attractiveness analysis, brand portfolio expansion, mergers, collaborations, joint ventures, acquisitions, PESTLE analysis, Value Chain Analysis, and SWOT analysis.
The Scope of the Report for Automotive Ignition Systems Market

Global Automotive Ignition Systems Market, By Components

• Ignition Switch
• Spark Plug
• Glow Plug
• Ignition Coil
• Ignition Control Module
• Crankshaft
• Camshaft Position Sensor

Global Automotive Ignition Systems Market, By Ignition Type

• Coil on Plug
• Simultaneous
• Compression Ignition

Global Automotive Ignition Systems Market, by Region

• North America
• Europe
• Asia Pacific
• Middle East & Africa
• South America

Key Players Operating in Automotive Ignition Systems Market

• Federal-Mogul Corp
• BorgWarner
• Delphi Automotive
• Denso
• Robert Bosch GmbH
• Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
• CEP Technologies
• Diamond Electric
• E3 Spark Plugs
• Enerpulse Technologies
• Woodward, Inc.
• STRATTEC Security Corporation
• Continental AG
• Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc.